Technology has certainly changed our lives. At an instance we can get information to us through our phones, tablets or computers. It is making it easier for us to find information. However in the real estate world, it’s not making the impact that most of us think it really is…

Early this year, Bloomberg Businessweek ran an article talking about how some popular real estate websites haven’t killed off real estate brokers. In the article, it states that four websites (Redfin, Zillow, Trulia and attracted about 61 million of the 67 million visitors of real estate websites to their websites. Despite this telling number and the trend that is being seen that has eliminated travel agents, classified ads and stock brokers, a majority of buyers and sellers in the housing market still end up working with real estate brokers. In fact the average commission paid to brokers was 5.4 percent a couple of years back, which is up a couple of tenths from 2008.

A quick summary of this article is that despite more and more people turning to the internet for information, real estate (and that can go for El Paso real estate as well) sellers and buyers are still willingly to turn to real estate brokers. In reality, 42 percent of buyers do use the internet to find a home online but 89 percent of them use a real estate agent or broker to purchase.

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